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The War Zone

You stand beside me, yet within me,
Quieting me, focusing me on You
And Your Heart of Pure Peace.
Here in the “war zone,” as bombs explode,
Arrows fly daily, sometimes hourly,
Your Words draw me inward to Your Sacred Heart.
You offer Your Gifts of Peace
With the Flames of Your Heart
That rather than destroy, heal, make whole,
Immerse me in Your sheltering Love.

Your Words grow stronger, clearer
The closer I come to true surrender.
I see You and Your messages
Everywhere I look, listen, feel,
All leading me deeper, trusting wholly,
Becoming a vessel for Your Power.
As I bow to You, falling to Your Will,
You stand in me.
Your gentle, silent strength consumes my fears.
My fears, crushed under Your feet,
Become the springboard for Your Coup.
You, O Lord of Eternal Love, have won my heart.
Here in the “war zone”
My heart belongs entirely to You.
My dying is Your Rising
And I am safe in Your Heart.
Though my shell may die,
Though they may pound me to the ground,
O happy death, for I will rise in You!
Like a mountain rising out of the sea,
The waves toss and crash against it,
But are powerless against its strength.
I have already given to death all that is not in You.
So what can they take from me now?
You have won, My Lord.
Take Your willing prisoner to Your Heart.

The Groom Awaits

I entered Your throne room
To find You honored there.
Looking around, I found myself
At a masquerade.
I looked for You in the Bridal chamber.
Surely there You would be loved and cherished.
But I found Your Spouse neither hot nor cold,
Nor even attentive to You.

I looked for You in the Garden
And found You there, weeping.
Stay awake with Me, You cried again.
Pray with Me, You mourned.
But the Garden was empty,
The voices quiet and
You wept alone.
I came to them, yet they turn away.
I gave up my higher Throne
To make their world and hearts my throne.
But they have no room for Me.
They are filled with other things.
They choose the jester over the King.
Your hands were shaking,
Your voice full of tears.
You reached for Your Bride
But she was not there.
Your Love is so poignant, so true.
Could the Bride truly sleep?
Will she refuse Your embrace?
Can we begin again, one heart at a time?
I ask the sorrowing King.
His eyes close, a tear drops
Into my waiting hand.


Follow My lead, You beckon,
Leaving Your footprints for me.
Place yours in Mine.
They are made for you, You invite.
I slip my bare foot into the print
You have left for me.
Mine is so small in Your soft, perfect one,
Yet feels so comfortable, so real,
It feels like where I belong.

Follow my lead, You call.
I move within Your footprints
Exploring what You call me to be.
I find as I follow,
Your steps are sometimes close
Like baby steps,
Yet are sometimes wide,
Like a giant leap.
I find sometimes those leaps,
And even those baby steps, hurt,
But move me where I wish to be.
Follow my lead, You call.
I look up from the footprints to see
Your Sacred Heart burning with love,
To see Your Heart shedding Blood.
Bring your heart to Mine, You invite.
As I open my heart to You,
Trying to follow Your lead,
My heart presses to Yours,
Soaking Your graces in like a sponge.
The sweet wine of Your Heart,
So Sacred, so Divine,
Mixes with the bitter taste of Sorrow.
My heart pressing to Yours weeps
As the thorns of Your Sacred Heart
Meet my heart.
Yet their piercing
Bears a fullness and a
Sweetness of its own.
Mold my heart to Yours, my Lord,
And let me pierce with Your piercing.
Yet let my heart overflow
With Your gifts and graces
Wrapped in Your sacred, unearthly love.
As I stretch to fit my footsteps to Yours,
Steady me in Your love.
Teach me the ways of Your Heart, O Lord,
So sacred, yet so soft,
So sorrowful, yet so merciful,
So strong, yet so vulnerable,
So uncompromisingly hopeful,
So eternally faithful.


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