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I am Here

O Lord of Life,
I have heard You crying day and night
Outside the hearts of Your people.
You call out to them and wait for their answer!
“See my love for you?” You cry.
“Hear my love for you?” You moan.
“Open the doors of your hearts to Me,” You beg.
“Without Me you are lost.
Within Me you are found.”
I feel Your pain echoed in my heart
And my heart cries out for You.
I am here for You, my Lord.
Take me!
As You enter my heart
My soul is flooded with Your Life.
The deep waters of my love stir
And as fountains, spring forth.
Your Life, once again, pours forth
in Joy and Peace and Longing.
“Where are my people?” You cry to me.
“Can they not hear my cries?”
I am here, I whisper.
“My Love brings them Life,” You tenderly cry.
“Why is this so hard?”
As Your Heart is pierced once again
Your tears wash through my soul
And spring forth fertile ground.
You hand me the keys.
“Open their hearts for Me,”
Your Sacred Heart sighs.
I am here, I whisper.

Make Me Your Furnace

Heart of Love,
Cast out fear and doubt,
Pour in love and joy in sacrifice.
Take every atom of my body,
Every part of my soul
And make it yours.
Fill me so completely
That You spill out
Into Your people through me.
Oh Fire of Love, burn in my heart
Casting Your love out and
Catching hold in the hearts of others.
Let me burn with Your Love,
Kindled by sacrifice and
Kept aflame by Your Word and Your Life,
Your Body and Your Blood.
Help me to carry my crosses
Diligently yet peacefully.
Let me find joy in sharing Your Cross.
Let my love for You bathe Your wounds
And numb Your Sacred Heart
From the pain of indifference.
Take away anything lukewarm
And replace it with Your Fire.
May my tears of repentance
Lift the weight of our sins
That tears at Your hands and feet on Your Cross.
May the breath of my prayers soothe,
May the drops of my love
Quench Your thirst
As You have mine
And may my heart mingle with Yours
In joy and sorrow
And in love eternal.

The Vine

“I am the Vine, you are the branches. Whoever remains in Me and I in him bears much fruit for without me you are nothing.” John 15:5

I wince at the clips and the cuts, at first,
As You prune and trim to make me strong.
But as You cut away at the dead wood,
The wild growth, the weak branches,
I feel the surge of Life within
As You direct my Life, my flow,
To the straight branch of Your Will for me
That leads most directly, most swiftly,
To You, my Vine.
The sweet nectar of Your Love
Pours out to me,
My Strength, my Hope.
Take away the dead wood from my life, my Lord!
The more You prune, the more fervent I grow
In my love for You
In my desire for Your Will.
Your Heart, O Sacred One, draws close
As You make me Yours.
My heart cleaves to Yours
No longer desiring the freedom of the world
But the gentleness of Your Heart.
The sprouts of new growth in You
Burst forth
As I dream of the Fruit,
In You.                                

The Better Portion

His words move her.
She draws nearer to His feet
As others gradually move away,
On to other pursuits,
Tiring easily.
But her heart burns with His words
As He takes ahold of the heart
That has been waiting for Him.
Entranced by His words of love
She is blind to all but Him
As He begins to speak to only her.
Love, He says, with heart open
With no thought of the pain,
The humiliation it will surely bring.
Love, He says, deeply, profoundly
With no thought of the price it will take.
Love, He says, as if it were
The only thing real in life,
To not would be to die.
Love, He says, as I love
As He pours the treasures of His Heart
Into her waiting and willing soul.
Deep into her soul
She is transformed by His Love.
Deeply the rivers from His Sacred Heart
Flood her heart whose gates are
Opened wide for Him.
Deeply her heart and soul tremble with
The power of His transforming Love.
Unable to move, unable to speak,
She is all His,
Overcome with the gifts of His Heart
As she listens to every Word.
Though the room bustles with the activity of others,
There is nothing but their two hearts
Joined in a communion of Love.
For them.the world fades, the sounds dull,
And there is only a profound joy,
An unearthly silent Peace
As they are consumed in the
Power of His Love.
“Lord,” her sister cries, “ Are you not concerned
My sister has left me to do the household tasks alone?
Tell her to help me.”
Surrounding her with His Love,
He longs to protect her
From the attacks to her heart
That have begun so soon,
As she has accepted
His Sacred Heart into hers.
“You are concerned and upset
About many things.
One thing only is required.
She has chosen the better portion and
She shall not be deprived of it,”
He returns
As He sees in her eyes
The pain and the joy to come
Immersed in His Sacred Heart of Love


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