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I came, stumbling
Across the threshold of Your house
Falling into pieces on Your floor.
Once again, the vessel broken
Scattering across the Holy Ground of Your Presence.

Only so precious few hours, no minutes, before
Had I petitioned for Your Strength,
Your Wisdom, Your Holy Silence and Your Peace.

And here I was, in pieces,
Broken intentions, fallen to the floor
As my tears of failure.
I love you so much
Why can't I do what I intend for You?
Why do I always fail?
Why can I not step into
The Silence of Your Love
When I am tempted?
Why is it so hard?

Your precious hands picked up my pieces
So lovingly holding them together
And making me whole again
With the glue of your Love.

And then,
As if that wasn't enough,
You poured Yourself out into my chalice
To overflowing,
Baptizing me once again
In Your Love,
Holding me together with Your Strength,
Picking me up with Your Courage
Molding me.

Into my ear You whispered
Words of Love and Hope,
Words of comfort,
In Your plan.

You poured Yourself out
To overflowing.
Overflow, You said,
Into my people.

All praise be Yours, my Lord, my Life,
For Your loving kindness and mercy.

My Light in Darkness

Dear, Sweet Jesus,
My Light in darkness,
Bring the Light closer,
The darkness is getting deeper.
Shine Your Light before me, O Lord!

The stones in my path are larger now.
The brambles tear at me.
I keep my eyes fixed on You, O Lord,
And try to follow Your lead.
Lead me, O Sacred Heart of my God!

I want to follow so close behind;
My desire is for You!
Don't lose me now!
Take my hand, O Lord,
And hold it tight.
I am weak, but You are strong.
Your strength overcomes my weakness, O Lord!

My desire, to be all You desire,
Seems so far away!
I peer into the darkness ahead
Wishing to catch a glimpse
Of where You are taking me.
"Look to Me," You say,
Taking my hand in Yours,
"And be not afraid.
All you want is here
With you now.
Sink into My Heart
For there, You are already Home."
O Lord, Your Sacred Heart is all I desire.

The Next Step

You have drawn me to Your Cross.
You have placed me before Your pain.
You have opened my heart to Your love.
Before me stands my Via Dolorosa
As You beckon me on.
Around me the crowds shout insults,
They laugh, they taunt.
The stones are hot on my bare feet.
The cross so heavy it cuts my flesh.
Do I really need to go there?
My thoughts tempt me.
But I look at You and I know,
For it is Your Sacred Heart I desire
More than comfort.

You come to my side.
The insults pass through Your Heart to mine.
Your eyes fill with tears
As You take my arm and
Hurry me along, keeping me close.
Are You sure I can do this?
I ask in my human heart.
But my heart that is Yours draws closer.

Seeing ahead of me the inevitable wounds,
I am strangely peaceful,
As in the dying, I sense the Life.
The shortcut to Your Heart opens up
Though the rocky path is still to be walked.

I will be with you until the end, You promise
As I struggle to take the next step.
It hurts.
The sharp, hot stones tear at me.
My heart aches from the insults.
I close my eyes,
Lean on Your arm and
Walk into the next step.

You do not promise me
A painless journey.
You do not promise me
More than humiliation.
But You do promise
Your arm of comfort and strength and
Your Sacred Heart of Love through pain.
Each step, a step closer
To the treasures of Your Heart.

Lantern in the Night

I sit by the water's edge
Watching the lapping water
Move through my empty nets.
Some days empty nets seem full
And others full nets seem empty.

I wait by the water's edge
Listening for Your call,
Watching for Your beckon.
My heart is heavy from the weight
Of lost fish and lost fishermen.

Desiring only Your Heart
Only to be with You,
Only to do Your Will,
I am confused by the darkness
And the empty nets.

My heart is weary from the struggle.
It searches for You
Among the seaweed and nets.
Glancing at every person
Who comes my way,
I look for a glimmer of Your Flame
In their eyes.

Your Flame grows silently in my heart.
As You grow brighter,
The world in contrast grows dimmer
As when you leave a brightly lit room,
The darkness outside is so much darker.

I raise my hands against the darkness
And call Your name.
Tear through the darkness
With Your Light!
Take my heart into Your wounded hands
And teach me to love like You
Through the darkness,
Through the pain,
Through the emptiness.
Inflame Your Light in this soul
Made empty for You
And make my emptiness
Your lantern in the night.


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