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This Love

There is this Love
That saturates my soul
In a radiance, in a gentleness,
In a preciousness that penetrates
The deepest oceans and the highest heights
Of my inner landscape.
There is this Love
That surrounds me,
That inebriates me,
That inspires me,
That comforts me,
That breaks me,
That holds me,
That lifts me,
That penetrates me,
That overflows in me,
That ignites me,
That touches me in ways
That can only be touched by You,
O Lord of my Life,
O Sacred Heart of my soul”s desire,
O Glue of my existence.
You come,
Your sweet, surrendering Love
Draws forth the abandonment of my soul
To You, my Love, my Creator,
My Defender, my Master.
Your Sacred Heart,
Like a magnet,
Draws everything I am to You
And bonds me
Without hope or desire of escape
To Your Heart of Hearts,
That place where only we can go
And live in eternal communion;
That Heaven of our Hearts,
That eternal intimacy of Your Love.
How could it be fair, one may think,
To have this eternal preciousness,
This sweet nectar of Life
And intimate Love to oneself.
But You, O God of Eternity and Omnipotence,
Not limited like our human minds and hearts,
Can touch, can love, can hold at the same time
The heart of each of your creations
In this eternal, intimate embrace
Bonded by Your Grace,
Inebriated by Your Love,
Oblivious to life outside of You,
Forever together, forever unique;
Love following upon Love. 

The Secret Chamber
Entering into the Secret Chamber in our hearts,
The Sanctuary of the Most High,
We step over the threshold between the world of time
And that of Eternity,
That space of unearthly softness where Love reigns
Pouring itself out eternally
Through the shape of a human heart.
Like a wave Love breaks upon us
Igniting a million little flames in our hearts, our souls,
Every cell in our bodies,
Spreading like wildfire to everything we are;
We become a living flame of His Love
Tasting the joy,
Touching the love,
We enter into the Holy Sanctuary
Where lovers meet
And hearts are joined
Where bones are like liquid
And flesh like air

And only You remain,
O Lover of my soul.
The Brides Await

The Brides await.
Lamps trimmed,
Watching and waiting with joy
Enough for all.
They dance their joy, overflowing,
They sing their precious love songs
Alone, it seems, in Silence.
But He watches, this Lover of their souls,
He woos in their chambers of the heart,
Surrounding their dancing with His Love,
Bringing harmony to their songs of passion.
This love is so dense it condenses on
The very walls of their chambers
Gathering in pools of the elixir of Peace
So thick one must wade through it slowly
Absorbing its sweetness, comforted by its softness,
Illuminated by its Light.
The Brides await with anticipation
The consummation of their love
At the Wedding Feast.
But their visits with their Beloved
Fill their souls with the taste and fragrance
Of what is to come,
Spilling forth from their hearts’ chambers
Like a floodgate, unrestrained.
For The Asking

Deep within the core of my soul
Your Spirit moves,
Like lava deep within the earth’s core
Moving, burning, building momentum.
Your Spirit, outpouring of Your Heart,
Stirs the deepest parts of me,
Like embers stirred,
Inflaming my love to fire.
Your deep touch, Your stirring,
The movement of a Love so pure,
So precious, so intimate,
It fills my deepest desires
Yet inflames my desires still!
How could I desire more?
Yet my heart longs for
All You desire to give!


Your Precious, Intimate Presence within,
Your movement stirring my passion for You,
This touch of Love so sweet
It must be for one alone.
Yet the Majesty of Your Sacred Heart
Is that this Temple of Precious Love
Comes to each who ardently asks.
So immense is Your Love,
Yet so intimate Your touch
That each You created can know and feel
The Hand and Heart of God
For only one,
In deep communion
With one’s soul and heart
For the asking.


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