We hold His Sacred Heart in our hands. An enlargement of this painting may be found at the end of the Consecration section.The Sacred Heart Online Prayer Retreat.


Prayer Poems for
Gifts of the Heart

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Section 3

You Lift My Soul

You lift my soul into Your hands,
My soul that belongs only to You.
Your graces wash clean the dust and
Attached bits of the world that cling to me.
Your Breath of Life warms my soul and frees me.
All darkness is scattered now by Your Light
That shines through my transparent soul.
Here, with You, I will remain, for You are Life.
My soul is lifted to Your Heart,
That place where I always wish to be,
That place where I am always home,
Always free, always consumed in Your Flame.
All I am melts into Your Flame of Love,
Touching the Heart of Life, the Core of Existence.
Let me remain here, my soul emotes.
Let my love touch Your Love
At its Source.
The Spirit in You stirs,
Drawing me into closer union with You,
My Lord, my God,
My Source of all that I am.
Your stirring inflames my heart with You,
The Source of my love,
The Heart of who I am.

My desire is to stay here with You,
And with You I will remain for awhile.
As You blend my soul with all that You are,
With Your graces, I am renewed,
Drawing in Your grace,
Breathing in Your Perfection,
Drinking of Your Love.
Slowly, gently, You draw me forth again,
Pouring my soul out like a waterfall,
You return me to the place where You want me,
For now, until You call me home forever.
Refreshed, renewed, enclosed in Your Love,
Your Flame ignites from my soul, my heart, to my body
And I, though here where You want me for now,
Carry the remembrance of home, in You.
Carry this place with you, you whisper,
That all will feel this place, My Heart, in you,
That I may reach out through you to my loved ones.
My desire is to draw them closer to Me,
That they may find their home again in My Heart.
My soul bows to You, my Lord, Heart of my soul.

Bring Holy Joy!

Reaching, stretching, grasping for Your Love,
Your treasures of joy and peace come tumbling upon me
Covering me in Your wondrous riches,
Lifting my heart to Yours!
I touch Your Sacred Heart with the hands of my love
And sense something more precious than words can describe!
Your Sacred Heart, so full of Love and Sorrow,
Moves with my touch and is changed!!
There, in Your Kingdom of Eternal Love,
My reaching, my grasping, my passion
Turns YOUR Sorrow into JOY!
How tenderly You move
Touching my heart, drawing it into Yours.
Every cell in my body transformed
In Your waterfall of Joy and Love;
Tasting heaven,
My soul rests in the Eternal Peace
Of Your embrace.

Sweep Through My Soul
Your Fire sweeps through my soul
As Your love ignites the kindling in my heart.
Your Words, Your Presence, Your Precious Gifts,
Your intimate walk in my soul,
All gifts, all kindling to ignite Your Fire in me.
You have blessed me with more
Than my heart can bear;
So, like a flammable liquid
Spilling over into life,
So Your graces overflow in me
And become Fire with Your Flame.
You place Your Heartprints in my soul
And watch me run to them with joy!
The joy You give, like a white hot fire,
The closer we get, the more we become
Engulfed in Your Heart Flame
Until all that remains is
One Flame,


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