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Gifts of the Heart

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Section 2

Heart Unveiled

I stand before you, my child,
Revealing my Heart to you
Unveiling my Heartís Treasures,
Exposing all my tenderness,
My sweet desire for your love.
It is for sharing this love
That I created you, my child.
Look into this Sacred Heart
Bound with thorns,
Pierced with your offenses,
With your neglect.
But in this piercing
I reveal my Love deeper still
For you, my child, as you are.
My Heart opens to you.
It beats for you.
Come and join your heart to Mine
As our joys and sorrows become one.

Every day I draw you deeper into my Heart.
I surround you with my Love.
I offer the treasures and gifts of my Heart.
If you will just touch your heart to Mine
I will fill you with all you desire.
Place your heart and soul
In My Hands and Heart
For My keeping.
I will lead you so tenderly
To My Heartís inner chambers
Where you will find
The Living Waters,
The Precious Blood,
Springing forth in Fountains of Life Eternal.
Immerse yourself into My Heart
Where you will find my tender Love,
My constant attention to
Your every need and desire,
Where you will find the
Gate to Eternity
Where the Promised land
Stretches out before you
In the inner landscape
Of My Sacred Heart.


Stepping Closer

The Sacred Mountains from far away
Look small and not so formidable on the horizon.
From far away the sense of self is not threatened
By the Grandeur of You.
But the closer I come to You, My Almighty Lord and God,
The more immense and overwhelming You become,
As the mountains from a distance seem small
But as one comes closer, seem unreachably large.

Every step I take desiring closeness to You,
O Heart of the Universe,
I am overcome by Your Beauty,
By Your Intelligence beyond my imaginings,
By Your Power, Grandeur and Grace,
And most especially by the depth without limit
And sweetness beyond our comprehension
Of Your Sacred Love.
I stand at the foot of Your Grandeur,
Staring into the face of Your Majesty.
I want to climb to Your Heights;
I want to swim in Your Grace and Joy;
I want to touch the Heart of Your Love.
You seem so untamable, so limitless.
How can I ever know all of You?
Yet You touch my heart
In Your gentle, knowing way,
That reaches to the center of who I am
And bonds me to the center of who You are.
In that unfathomable sweetness of limitless Grace
Is born a knowing...
A taste of Your Love,
A sense of Your Joy,
A glimpse of Eternity
Beyond our time and space,
Beyond our limited mind;
A taste of our soulís perfect fit into the
Prepared place in You;
A place of Perfect Love and gentle Joy
Held in Your Sacred Heart;
A place where Your Grandeur
Is only exceeded by
The intimate depth of Your Love,
Unending, unexplainable, irresistible,


Within Your Heart
(A Pilgrimís Journey)

Holy Spirit, come!
Lead me to the path
That leads to His Sacred Heart!
Allow me not to stray.
Guide my thoughts to be Your thoughts,
My actions inspired only by You
That they may lead me ever closer
To the Sacred Heart of my God.

Place me deep within this Sacred Heart
That I may seek only His Love;
That protected by the Heart of my Savior,
All the attacks and distractions
Of this world weak with sin
Will be burned away by the Fire of His Love
Before they can reach my heart.
Come, Holy Spirit,
Bring me Your Gifts
From the Treasures of His Heart
That I may grow more like Him,
That I may speak more of and like Him,
That I may act more like Him;
That I may be a vessel of Your Love
And of Your Grace in this weakened world.
Purify me,
Sanctify me,
Unfold Your Will in me,
Use me to Your Glory,
But keep me ever buried
Deep within Your Sacred Heart
That my heart will always be
Home in You
While still a pilgrim on Your Path.

Deep within Your Heart
I find a furnace of Love,
A cauldron of graces overflowing.
Deep within Your Heart
I become aware
Of the purity required
To reside here.
Nothing but pure Love, pure Truth,
Complete self-denial,
Complete surrender
To this fiery action of Total Love
Can be home here,
Can spring from here.
Take me to You, O my Lord
And sanctify me to Your Will
That I may come closer
To the center of Your Heart;
That I may be set free
Of all that is not You,
To be home in Your Heart,
A willing prisoner of Your Love.
Draw me to Your fiery furnace,
O Sacred Heart of Jesus.
Let me bow to You in surrender
To Your purifying furnace,
To Your transforming Love.
Draw me near to Your Flame of Love.
Weak in Your Presence
I draw strength only from You.
No resistance can I make
To becoming Your willing prisoner
Of the Heart.

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