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Gifts of the Heart

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Section 1

The Tide of Your Love

As Your Love pours out to me
And mine returns to You, itís Source,
As the waves crashing to the shore
Will, when intense, mix with the tide returning to the sea,
Becoming that swirling, churning mixture
Until it is hard to separate the coming in from the going out,
So our Love becomes that sweet mix
Swirling, churning, bubbling with Life

The Dawning of the Light

As the Light,
Hidden from us for a time,
Approaches the dawning,
The darkness
of that long night
Pales to gray.
We wait in hope and anticipation
For the dawning of the Light.
As the Light returns to our world,
Gray is erased.
Once again colors grace our lives
As darkness scurries from the Light.
We are saved from the darkness,
From the eternally cold night,
And as the rays of Light touch us,
We are warmed,
We come alive again.
Gladdened and grateful
For the return of Light
To our darkness,
We joyfully praise our God
Who from His Divine Heart
Has graced us with Life.
O Lord, may we turn our hearts
To the Source of our Light.
May we ever be mindful
Of the Source of all goodness.
May our hearts flee from darkness
Opening only to the Rays
Of Your Sacred Heart of Love.
O Night of Darkness
Flee from the Light
As Hope returns.
You have failed
To kill our faith
In a God who loves us
Who will return for us
As His Rays of Love
Spill into our waiting hearts
Nourishing us with His Love,
Gifting us with His Peace.


Garden of the Soul
Even before my thoughts find You,
Your Heart gathers my heart into
That Secret Garden of the Soul.
As my thoughts follow,
You surround me with
The bouquet of Your gifts,
The treasures of Your Heart,
And joy becomes my companion,
Love the landscape.
This garden, this paradise of the soul,
So near, so ever-present,
Only a turn of the heart away.
Always You are there to embrace
The One who thrives on Your love
Becoming saturated in Your Grace.
My thoughts, our thoughts,
Turn to Your abandoned ones,
Your searching and lost ones,
The ones for whom life seems so cold,
So dark, so confusing.
They find their solace in empty gardens,
In deadening senses,
In stimulating false joy,
Like a wedding without the Groom.
If they but knew the path
To this Garden of the Heart,
To the fragrance of Your Sacred Love,
To the meadows of Your restful peace,
To the sunshine of Your joy,
They could want no other.
Your Joy more sweet,
Your Love more tender,
Your Sacred Heart more comforting
Than anything the world offers.
There is a time for faith
When one must see You without form,
When one must hear You without sound,
When one must love You without thought of return,
When one must sacrifice without reward.
But You lavish so richly
A heart that loves You
That soon blind faith is no longer
For we can see Your face,
Hear Your voice,
Feel Your breath,
Sense Your movement
Everywhere we turn.
You become to us what is real,
The world a passing illusion.
Your garden, dear Heart of our hearts,
Blossoms through the darkest days,
Warms the coldest nights.
Your paradise,
Not a thing of the past
Or a promise of the future,
But in love following upon love,
A fulfillment and presence of
The kingdom today.


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