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Too Great A Love

As the breeze moves through
Those olive trees again,
Waiting and praying,
My eyes fix on You,
O Lord of Life, Sweet Savior.
Your eyes are closed in prayer,
A sweet communion with the Father
As You give Your Life over to His sweet Embrace,
Knowing the price of this Love.
Feeling Your anxiety and isolation,
I move to place a hand over Yours
In comfort, in love,
In regret for all that I have done
To place You here,
In regret for all that I have not done
To ease Your pain.

As my hand touches Yours
It leaves an imprint of Blood, like sweat,
On Your skin wherever I touch You.
Your Blood, O Sacred Substance of Love,
So easily shed for me,
Marks the encounter of our love.
Longing for Your Mercy,
Thirsting for Your Love,
Desiring to decrease Your pain,
I bow to Your Will
In obedience and love.
Come to me, Sweet Jesus,
While I watch and pray for Your
Takeover of my heart.
Leave nothing remaining.
Take it all, Sweet Sacred Heart,
Into Yours.

Your eyes behold mine
And into Your Sweet Soul
I see the anguish of a billion minds
Too brilliant to see You.
Their thoughts pierce Your Brow
As a Crown of Thorns.
Pain and humiliation draw Your Blood
That tenderly traverses the
Face of Kindness, Eyes of Love.
Let my love bind Your Wounds,
O Sacred Temple of Love,
And shield You from
The thoughts that pierce
Your Infinite Mind.
Let the breeze through those olive trees
Sweep Your thoughts free
Of their arrogance,
Of Your lost love.
May the flame that You enkindled
In this heart made for You
Bring You comfort if it may
As I adore You,
Most Sweet, Sacred Heart of Love.
I desire your heart, You say.
And I desire Yours, I reply.
And in that union of the Spirit
Is born the exchange of Salvation.
The gift of self into the other,
The hearts broken, burst
From the sweet pain
Of too great a Love.
My Jesus,
You are my Salvation.

Own Me
You reach from the altar
To my soul, O Sacred Heart,
In Your Eucharistic Presence.
You reach for my heart
And hold it in Your hand.
I yield to Your desire for my heart,
For the soft hand of Your Love
Cradles my heart and my soul
In Your soft touch
That moves the deepest parts of me
Drawing me deeper into Your Sacred Heart.
Your Sacred Heart burns deeply
Into the place
Where my heart used to be.
You own me completely
And my heart is but an empty vessel
For your Heart to enter and possess,
A chalice, a temple, for Your ever-burning,
Ever-passionate Love.
Spill forth in me, O Beloved Heart.
Open the floodgates of Your Love
Through and in me
That You may be ever-present in me
As You are on this altar,
Longing to show Your love,
To touch and soften hardened hearts,
To be present deeply to Your people
And draw them to Your Heart.

At the Threshold

Approaching the altar of
Your Sacrificial Love,
I am humbled by my confusion,
Burdened with new wounds.
Will You come to me as I am? I wonder,
Feeling as if I have failed You again.
My eyes and my heart raise
To Your image on Your Cross.
You respond, showing me the Wound in Your side:
It is through this Wound
That My Heart was revealed.
With you also, it is through your wounds
That your heart is revealed.
Standing at the threshold of Your Heart,
I knock.
You have promised
Knock and it shall be opened!
Open Your Sacred Heart to me, dear Lord!
I long for refuge deep within Your Heart.
My Heart is wounded, You speak.
I know, I respond from my wounded heart.
To be in my Heart, all that is in your heart
Must be revealed, You caution.
As You desire, I respond.
It will hurt you deeply, You warn.
But will it not heal me deeply? I reply.
It is Your Heart I desire.
What else will satisfy
This heart made for You?
As Your Wounds, Beloved, purify my heart,
Let the balm of Your Love fill my soul.
Draw me to You and flood my heart.
Nowhere can I hide
As You prepare my heart
For Your Sacred Love.

A Heart Exposed
A human heart,
Flesh and blood,
Beats within,
Yet is exposed to our view.
This Heart, though flesh,
Contains within
The Divine Heart of our God,
Giving forth without
The Love of our God,
The peace, the joy,
Yet the pain.
You take my hand
Leading me to this place
Where Your Heart is.
It is so soft here
Where You are.
The sweetness of Your Heart
Is more than I can bear.
The veil dissolves away
And before me is Your Sacred Heart
Exposed not only from the outside,
But opening, revealing the Heart of the Heart.
The walls open wide
Exposing the inner chambers,
So precious they inflame the soul,
So soft they melt the heart,
So intimate, so revealed,
A preciousness indescribable.
The sight of Your Sacred Heart,
Exposed to the core,
Calls forth my soul and
Captures my heart
In the fluid pools
Of its graces.
Revealed in splendor,
It enraptures my heart,
Drawing it close
To this irresistible sweetness.
My heart, touched by the Rays
Of Your pure love,
Dissolves to reveal
The inner heart,
Soft, exposed, now vulnerable,
Embracing Yours.
This heart, now bare,
Exposed from the inside out,
Revealed to the love and abuse of the world,
Becomes free in its giving away.
No longer able to resist,
It is free.
Free to love,
Free to hurt,
Free to dissolve
Into Your pain and Your Love.
What cares this heart
For earthly pursuits?
Like the lilies of the field,
It basks in Rays from the Heart of Love,
Content to be moved by
The gentle breeze of the Spirit,
Unencumbered by the trappings of safety,
Unburdened by the wisdom of the world.
You surround me with Your Love.
You whisper in my heart.
Be free to love deeply, in me.
Be free to hurt deeply, with me.
Be free to sink deeply
Into the Sacred Heart revealed, in me.


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