We hold His Sacred Heart in our hands. An enlargement of this painting may be found at the end of the Consecration section.The Sacred Heart Online Prayer Retreat.


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Section 1

Consecration to the Sacred Heart

Most Perfect, most Sacred Heart of my Savior,
Unending, limitless Source of Life and Love,
You, who have loved so perfectly,
So passionately, so profoundly,
With nothing held back,
You are the Source and object
Of my deepest desire.
This day and always, I (name), give over to You
Everything that I am
And everything that I ever will be.
All I am that only You know completely
I fully, consciously, deliberately and lovingly
Surrender to You, becoming a willing captive
To Your Sacred Heart of Love.
Whatever You desire of me, You will have.
Wherever You lead me, I will go.
I hear You calling.
You take my hands in Yours,
Leading me to where You want me.
I yield to You,
To Your movements, like a magnet.
Allowing my spirit to be docile to Yours,
Trusting You with my soul,
Loving You with my heart,
I give myself over in total Consecration
To Your Sacred Heart of Love
Where I wish to remain eternally.

Make Me Your Own

You asked.
I responded with myself.
You accepted my soul into Yours,
Marked forever.
Like a hunted prize You have taken it,
Carried it away, possessed it,
Made it Your own.
Your Presence is so transforming
My body and my soul feel like
Barely a shadow or a breath of air
Moving, hardly noticeable,
Within Your Sacred Presence.
You have taken possession of my heart;
No longer is there desire or a thought
Of anywhere else.
Where else would I wish to be
But in You?
So completely do You fill me,
So gently do You move me,
So like a lamb You are to me,
Warm, soft, pure;
Yet so like a radiating fire,
Your Sacred Heart,
Consuming, yet growing in radiance
Within me, ever building.
Your unearthly Presence is irresistible to me
And You know my heart
Better than I know it myself:
All the soft places of no resistance,
All the warm embers left
From the fires You built;
You take them happily
Building Your sanctuary within me
For Your repose;
For Your base in the camp of the enemy;
For Your rose garden of Your Sacred Love.
I give, You accept,
And You build a kingdom in me
That stretches to the borders of eternity.

The Door Unlocked

I have left the door unlocked to my heart,
Unlocked for You, Lover of my soul.
My soul trembles in anticipation
As You throw open the door to my heart
And enter in to my loving embrace.
Come, sweet Jesus, with Your Spirit of Love
Into my inner embrace for You alone.
My heart, my soul pour forth their contents
Opening to Your touch
Every chamber of my heart and soul
Yet every closet and hiding place
Gone into the Light of Your Love,
Willingly surrendered to Your Lover’s Embrace.

Beloved, I give You my heart made for You.
It is now Your Sanctuary for Your eternal repose
In the arms of one who loves You;
Your stage to proclaim Your love,
As You wish, to Your world;
Your lantern for Your Light
To reach out in the darkness;
Your Fountain to overflow Your Precious Gifts
Upon those who approach
A heart made for You.
O Lord, Your Sacred Heart expands
To meet those who long for Your embrace.
Take us in to Your inner chambers
There to be engulfed
In the power of Your Love,
Caving in to the sweetness of Your Love
To be lost in Your Embrace.
Our ears filled with Your Words of Love
Can hear nothing else.
Our eyes blinded by Your Love
Can see nothing else.
Our souls embraced in Your Sacred Heart
Find this Furnace of Love
Burns away the desire
For anything else,
Suspended in the warm joy
Of Your Perfect Love.

Gathered Together

“Whenever two or more are gathered in my name,
there I am in the midst of them.”

Coming into Your Presence,
Together in heart and spirit,
Though distant in miles,
Your graces explode upon us
Engulfing us in Your Love
And Your Majesty beyond
What our human minds can grasp.
We join our hearts
In unison with Your Will,
Docile to Your Spirit,
Inflamed in Your Heart;
We are witnesses to Your Joy and
Partakers in Your Precious Love.
Entranced with You, O Sacred Heart,
Our hearts anticipate with joy
The discovery in us of Your Plan.
Our eagerness to participate
Enlivens Your Spirit in us,
Inflaming our hearts
To deeper union in You
To deeper vision in You,
Our Lord and Master,
Our Savior, our King.
Your Love, irresistible in its sweetness,
Overwhelms our minds and
Overcomes our hearts,
Leaving us helpless but to surrender
To Your Presence and Your desires.
My desire is Yours, Lord of my heart,
I speak, knowing another heart
Is echoing my words to You.
We surround Your Heart with our love,
Melting Your pain and
Easing Your longing for love returned.
Erase in us all fear,
Enliven in us all joy,
As we grope for words to express
What Your Heart grows in us;
Surrendering our souls to You,
We give up our nets for Yours.



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