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First Love

How often we return to our first love,
Our first ways of finding You.

Do you remember, my Lord?
When as a young child, maybe 7 or 8,
How I slipped into Your presence
After benediction?
Do You remember that church, darkened,
Still with the aroma of incense?
Do You remember how I quietly knelt in the first pew,
Closest to You, I  gazed upon Your face on the crucifix?
So long You held me in that gaze.
So tenderly You touched my heart.
So sweetly You broke my heart.

Your face, resting so helplessly on Your shoulder,
Your closed eyes, so soft, so surrendering,
Betraying the love You held even unto death.
Your arms, outstretched, nailed down,
Allowing all our abuse unchecked.
Your side, pouring forth Your precious redeeming blood
Mixed with the water of our cleansing.
How could we hurt You like this,
The One who could only love?
How could You bear the pain of our nails?
But more,  the abandonment? The humiliation?

Overwhelmed with Your sacrificial love,
Tears trickled down my face.
How could I stop Your pain?
Could my love for You ease Your pain?
Comfort You?
They say You had to die for us to live,
but did You have to die like this?

Again, in my eternal pose at the foot of Your Cross,
I still ask the same questions.
Can my love for You numb Your pain?
Comfort You? Touch Your heart?
I pour out my love, Your love,
Hoping to fill Your wounds
With the balm of love and repentance.
Can our love now make that eternal moment for You
Less lonely, less painful?
As You hung on that cross, so long ago,
Could You sense then how You were drawing us to You today?
If we had just loved You and obeyed You from the beginning,
Would it have been the same?
Or has this always been Your plan?
The Sparrow

Pecking among the bits of trash
Searching for little treasures
Is a small, humble sparrow.
Though challenged to find
A patch of grass or a tree
Among the asphalt and bricks,
This sparrow seems not to mind.
Content, trusting, cheerful,
Focused on simple things,
Delighting in simple joys.

Sparrow, do you dream of the wilderness?
Do you long for another place, another time?
Do you desire more than your meager fare?

God's eye is on the sparrow.
Content are you in His loving care.
Trusting in the little things,
The big things are yours.

Fed by joy, warmed by love,
The sparrow knows the Father's House.
Gracious in His gifts,
The Father knows what is needed
Before it is asked.
His Heart's treasures belong
To the pure of heart.

The path to His Heart is found
Amidst the cast offs
The refuse,
All that is thrown away
Or cast aside.
In the midst of the hard cement
And the cast offs,
The sparrow finds His treasures
And warms his life
In the rays of the Father's Love.

A Child's Heart

Like the child that I am,
I run to Your Heart again;
Every day, sometimes many times!
I run to You
Wanting to throw my small arms
Around Your big Heart.
Show me again Your Ways,
Lead me again to Your
Sacred Heart that I desire.
Tell me Your stories.
Hold me close to Your Heart
For I am Yours and no others,
But I am just a child to You.

My steps are small
But they want to be bigger!
My words are simple
But they carry my heart.
My needs are few
But they center on You.

Take my hand once again
And lead me where You want me.
Speak Your words and Your stories
In my heart, again and again.
Let me be Your tagalong
Following Your every move,
Sitting at Your feet,
Walking in Your shadowless shadow.

Let me love You with my child's heart
Hoping for a place near You;
Hoping to slip through Your Gate
With the children;
Hoping for not a mansion room
But a little nook somewhere
Near to Your Heart.

Trail of Graces

I search you out wherever you go.
My Love pursues
Leaving a trail of graces, like a comet,
Wherever we have been.

I sing my serenade to your heart,
Painted with the colors of My Joy.
My love notes I leave on every tree,
Under every bush,
Written across the sky,
Carved in the sand,
Singing in the waves;
Wherever your eye falls,
There I write my notes of Love.
Come read of My Love,
Come taste of My Joy,
Come rest in My Peace.
Fear not, for I am Your God.

My Love pursues
Until you find your rest in Me.
My Heart calls
Until you find Your love in Me.
My Spirit moves
Until your soul moves in Me.

The Storms

There I was on that boat with your apostles,
As the storms rocked the boat and
Tossing waves threatened to capsize it.
As the storms increased in intensity
So did their emotions.
Fear  and confusion reigned.
But there you lay, sleeping, or so it seemed,
So oblivious to the storm,
So calm, so in control.

As the apostles panicked, I looked to You.
You calmly and lovingly beckoned for me.
Like a child, I came, trusting,
And knelt at Your feet.
I sat there for a long time
Resting my head on Your knee,
As the storms continued to rage.
I closed my eyes and sank into Your peace.
The storms would go on
Washing over and around us in their fury
But I was safe and calm
In the pocket of Your Love.

As The Child

Later the thoughts,
Later the action,
But for now
Let me be as the small child,
Resting close to Your Heart,
Listening, becoming one with its beat,
Rising and falling with Your breath,
Wrapped in Your Love.
Here in Your healing embrace,
Joined with Your Sacred Heart,
My burdens become light,
Released into Your Love.
My thoughts dissolve
Into my experience of You
And Your limitless, Precious Love.

The Cherished Child

The cherished child
Knows not fear
But rests in the arms of Love,
Content with this simple joy.

The cherished child
Cares not to be as great
As the arms around her
But clings to the love of the Great One,
Content in the sharing,
Content to be bound together in Love,
Desiring not to be great
But to love and be loved greatly.

The cherished child
Delights in the delight of the Loved One;
Needs not to comprehend
The Majesty of the Loved One's mind,
But to love enormously
The Loved One's Sacred Heart.


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