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Love Medley

"Lord, help me to love you
As you desire to be loved"
Keeps rising in my soul
Leading me on
Drawing me deeper into You.

Your Sacred Heart, so mysterious, so alluring
Has captured my heart and made it Your own.
So constant do I feel the fire of Your love in my heart.
So constant also do I feel Your sorrow married to mine,
The thorns, a bittersweet joy, piercing my heart
Drawing me into deeper union.
It is as if my heart has become no longer mine
But, in essence, Your heart.

Could it be that You want more than worship
Of Your most Sacred Heart?
Could it be that You want our hearts to become
Your most Sacred Heart?
As we join in union with Your heart,
We become Your flame, Your presence,
No longer our own.
Our sorrows immerse in Yours
Caught up in Your love for Your people,
Ever constant, ever longing for our love,
Ever drawing us into Your Life and union with You.

Lord, help me to love you as YOU desire to be loved.
Let me spread Your love through Your Sacred Heart.
Lord, ignite in my heart all that You desire.
You know my heart better that I know it myself
And you know that it is Yours...forever.                                       
This love that fills me and
Draws me into deeper union...
This love that is Yours
Began with You,
Increases in You,
Finds it's fulfillment in You...
You, the Source,
You the destination,
The Alpha
The Omega
You are all.
Will You rejoice in my love?
Find comfort in my Love,
Your love, returned?

Lord, help me to love You as you desire to be loved.
Lord, accept all that I am into all that You are.
Help me to lose my self in You.

Simple Prayer

O Lord, in Your Most Sacred Heart,
My weakness is Your strength,
My darkness, Your Light,
My falling, Your catching,
My giving up, Your entering in,
My longing, Your joy.

My Heart and Yours

Beauty I placed around you today, Precious One:
Magnificent clouds, delicate colors,
Flowering trees, rainbows,
All to catch your attention,
To bring your thoughts to Me, my child.

My Love pours out all the more
At the pain I see in you.
My Sacred Heart aches with you.
I know everything you feel,
I feel it with you.
I know every thought,
I listen with great care.
I catch every tear in My Heart.

If you would but open your heart to Mine!
I stand poised waiting
To flood you with My Love and Graces.
Just say the word and My Heart is yours!
Come to Me for
Love is the substance of My Sacred Heart,
Ready to pour out for you.
Let Me warm your soul with My Fire.
Let My healing hands reach into your hurting heart
And hold it close to My Heart which knows all pain.
Let Me lift the burden of your pain
As your closeness to Me lifts the pain
Of My Heart that longs for you.

Let Your Heart made in my heart
Beat to Mine
And together we will find
What we desire.

Heart of the Master

I search for Your face
In the clouds, in the breeze on my face,
Between the lines I read and hear,
Everywhere I search
Hoping for a glimpse of You,
Watching, longing for Your Presence.
Amidst the shallow dreariness of the world,
I push the dark and gray aside
Searching for Your Light.

Like a child who thrives on little,
This heart leaps
From a few words, a small glimpse.
It takes little to satisfy,
Yet this heart is forever
Longing for Your embrace.

Though fascinated with Your thoughts,
In awe of Your beauty,
It is Your sacred, pure Love
That feeds this heart.
This Love that heals wounds,
This Love that soothes the soul,
The Love that is Life.

Your Sacred Heart joyfully gathers Your children,
For such, You said, is the Kingdom of God.
For the heart of the child reveals
The Heart of the Master.

Only You

Today, as the wind brushed against my face,
I felt Your presence...
In the sun, warming and comforting...
In the flowers, shimmering with Your colors...
In the round poplar leaves cascading with Your wind...
You were everywhere I looked
Overflowing with Your love,
Your sweet perfection,
Your undaunted mercy and joy.

As I was driving home,
Your love touched me,
Moving so sweetly
Opening my eyes to see
How deeply You desire
to be loved in return.
If only I could love You
As You desire to be loved!

As I was waiting for that signal to change
Seeing as if with Your eyes
into each heart around me.
If ONLY we could all love You
As You desire to be loved!

The vision of that world
Tumbling into my consciousness,
A world of love so complete
Our lives could do nothing but
Melt into one another's
In joyful union with our Savior's.

Lord, your presence carries me,
Moving all I see and touch
Into Your loving embrace.
Allow me to love you
As was Your desire
When You created me!

Take my thoughts and make them Your thoughts only,
Never straying, never doubting.
Take my heart and increase my love for You
Until that is all there is.
Take my soul and make it Your own
For it is Yours
And I am Yours.

Complete Your work in me.
Make me in the image of You.

Forever Yours.

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