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Sheltered in Your Love
        O Sacred Heart

Sheltered in Your love,
My heart moves to trust.
Cracking open the shell of fear
I stretch my wings of true freedom
And dream of flying.

Come closer, You whisper
And grow strong in my care.
Feed on my caresses,
Drink of My Love,
Grow strong in my embrace.
Your time will come
When we will fly,

The wind catches my wings;
I feel tremblings of future soarings.
I breathe in the wind
And stretch my wings.
Then I turn to You,
My true love,
My true freedom.
Finding comfort in Your embrace
I rest near Your Heart
And dream.           

Child in Your Arms

Your child reaches arms to you in trust,
Needing to be closer,
Needing to be comforted
From the weariness of the world.

You lift me up, take me to You.
As the child I am,
I melt into Your embrace,
Molding to the comfort
Of Your strength,
Of Your Presence,
Of Your Love.

I close my eyes to the world
As my heart communes with the Triune Flame
Of the Eternal Father
Of the Sacred Son
In the Unity of the Holy Spirit.

Held in Your Embrace, O Sacred Heart,
I yield all I am to You
In trust, in obedience,
In comfort, in love.
And You take me as I am
And You carry me where You want me.

You are Keeper of my heart,
You are Keeper of my life,
You are Master of my soul.
I fall into You, yielding all to You.

Like a child, I have found
Where I want to be.
Not wanting to let go, I cling to You,
I allow Your movement to carry me
Where I want to be
Which is anywhere in You.
The Fire of Your Embrace
Burns away all pain,
Burns away all anxiety,
Burns away all fear,
Burns away all
That is not in You.

This Love
Of which I can only return my child's part,
Consumes me, cradles me in a union
With Your Eternal Heart
Carrying me closer to Home.

Hold me in Your Embrace, dear Sacred Heart,
And never put me down!
My home is in You.
When You hold me in Your Embrace
I am already Home in my heart.

My Precious Child

My dear Precious Child,
Even before I placed you
In your mother's womb
I knew you.
I loved you into existence
From the depths of My
Eternal Heart of Love.
There you were born;
There your soul and heart were formed
By Me and for Me.
There you will always stay:
Always with Me,
Surrounded by My Love.
Always you are My Precious Child
That I have created for the purpose of Love.

Come to My open arms of Love for you!
I await here on the Cross.
I await here in the tabernacle.
I await here in your heart.
Reach out for this special Love, My Child,
That is only for you.
You I desire.
You I await in silence.
It is you I pine for,
It is you I died for
To bring you to me forever.
My Love that is deeper than the universe,
Longer than eternity,
Is here for you.

Will you open your heart to me?
Will you become my sanctuary?
Will your heart accept
This Precious Love I offer you?
When I have filled you to overflowing,
Will you spill My Love out to the world

Open wide the doors of your heart!
Let Me come in fully
And form you into the Precious Jewel
I have in mind for you.
My Love is for you, my child,
My Precious One.
Come and take me in.

Hearts Join

Hearts join,
Falling into one another,
Sharing their contents
Until no longer can one tell
Where one begins, the other ends.

Hearts join,
Spilling over their Life Blood of
Love, joy, peace, compassion
In a unity beyond understanding.

Hearts join,
Like a mother and child
Clinging, bound in an embrace
Beyond words,
Calling forth gifts shared
With no thought of
Beginnings and ends,
Or of sources of feelings shared.

Join our hearts and
Cling to Me, child,
In My embrace
Where Love IS,
With no boundaries,
Where pain meets pain
In compassion without fences,
Where Fire begets Fire,
Where joy begets joy,
Where Love enkindles,
Dissolving two hearts into one,

Where thoughts whispered
In the Heart of One
Echo in the heart of another,
Where longings felt in the heart
Become responses in the
Hearts of both.

Cling to Me, child,
The Master invites,
As He longs for the embrace
Of the trusting child,
The one who loves without
Needing to know why;
The one who loves like the sun,
Always, even on the cloudy days;
The child who like the Master, even,
Despite injury, despite neglect,
Of those closest, loves still,
Without question, without limit.

Cling to Me, child,
The Master invites
As I make you My own
In My eternal embrace,
Where mutual longing
Becomes mutual love,
Where there is no boundary
Between our two hearts.

The Prayer Hedge

Wonder and awe were a constant companion
on that morning pathway
Praising God in every leaf,
Every crack in the sidewalk,
Every wispy cloud,
Every new flower or fallen leaf.
All things created were new and wondrous
And full of life.

Rounding that corner to my "prayer hedge"--
That wall of flowering vines,
Filled with inspired bees and insects,
Sweet fragrance, delicate flowers,
All too  irresistible to a child--
I paused.

Day after day, this hedge trapped me in its wonder.
Filled with joy and peace
At this altar of Praise to our Creator,
I could not help but pause and become lost
In a seven-year-old prayer
Honoring our God who created this.

As days passed,  just the thought of my prayer hedge
Brought praise and joy to my heart.
As I would near the corner,
My heart would rise in joy and anticipation.

Many tardy notices later, confronted with the world
Of time, space and rules,
My prayer hedge became a monument
To innocence and joy
As I was made to hurry past,
With sadness and longing in my heart.
Caught in the world of men,
The Heart of Joy of my Creator
Was something one learned to hurry by.
Some of us, however, are slow learners.


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