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We hold His Sacred Heart in our hands. An enlargement of this painting may be found at the end of the Consecration section or click on the picture now.The Sacred Heart Online Prayer Retreat.

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Heart of the Child


Heart's Presence

Struggling Heart


Gifts of the Heart



In Memoriam

This Sacred Heart Prayer Retreat is dedicated to the memory of the prayer author's father, Hugh Brady, who, after a lifetime of inspiration, care and love for all, lovingly bound his last sufferings in reparation to His Sacred Heart and joined Him for his Eternal Reward on August 4, 2000.



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His Holy Spirit's spiritual help, inspiration and guidance leads you to conversion to Jesus' Heart through original prayer-poems, readings and reflections.

A New Pathway to the Wellsprings
of His Love

Our objective in bringing this Sacred Heart Prayer Retreat to you is to help you truly appreciate the enormity of the love His Heart has for you, personally, and to appreciate more deeply the sacrifice He made of His life, to encourage your total conversion to His Heart of Love. Besides providing peace, consolation and healing to those "heart-troubled", hurting and abandoned, it may provide inspiration to those needing more guidance and help along the pathway to His Heart.Through these new prayer-poems, reflections and readings, arranged in a formatted series, you are about to begin an exciting journey along this new pathway that will refresh your heart and soul and reawaken and rekindle, brighter than ever before, your love for this Divine Heart.Make the retreat as frequently as possible for the graces it can bring to your life and whenever you have a special need for seeking shelter in His Heart of Love.If, after periodically completing the full retreat or individual segments, you develop great love for and appreciation of Him, His Sacred Heart and His gifts to you, and this love becomes a day-to-day part of you and your life (conversion), you will achieve a unity with His Heart that will bring untold graces and benefits to you throughout your life. And, it may be said, that you, too, will have found Him.

To fall in love with God
is the greatest of all romances;
to seek Him,
the greatest adventure;
to find him,
the greatest human achievement.
St. Augustine

A Word About Retreats

For those unfamiliar with the term, retreat, it is, as the word implies, a "stepping back". In a religious sense, it means a returning to a period of reflection and contemplation, usually taking place over a period of time, often with homilies and instruction by a priest in a church.
Our retreat is one that you can make in your home as often as you wish or have a need. Since it involves an attitude of quiet reflection, preferably, its sessions (of any duration) should occur, when you have a quiet time period available and, hopefully, a quiet place.
Servant of His Heart

Now, please click HERE for an explanation of how to work the retreat.

The Retreat is divided into a journey with seven parts. Each of the parts can be downloaded using Acrobat 4.0. Please print the poems for your personal use only. Look for the link on the title page of each part.

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